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Cancelled: Windows into Your Life

A workshop series to capture your stories for future generations

Windows into Your Life: Welcome

Your stories are worth capturing

Flipping through a version of my family's geneology, which documented the move from Wales to Canada, I found myself wondering, "how did they do it?" 

I regret that I'll never really know because, as far as I know, my ancestors didn't record their stories. I can guess, or infer. I can extrapolate from other memoirs. But imagine if I had a written record that could give me the insights for which I now yearn...

Your children, or their children, or still their children, just might be interested to know what was going through your head and heart as the journey of your life unfolded.

We want your stories recorded, and we want to help you record them.

Windows into Your Life: Text

Facilitator: Brooke Arnold-Rochette

Brooke is the founder of Fire and Honey Ceremonies. She holds an MA in Ecopsychology, is a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant, and, among other trainings, completed a year of immersion in storytelling and creative writing.

Learn more about Brooke here.

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Windows into Your Life: Text

How it works

The online sessions are designed to prompt the writing, most of which will happen on participants' own time between sessions. 

Each session will begin with a check-in. Then Brooke will offer some guiding questions to encourage participants to reflect on significant moments in life, and take notes as they do. 

The end result will vary from participant to participant, but each should expect to produce a series of windows into one's life, that future generations will treasure.

Some may choose to take what they produce and move toward publishing it. We will offer a little guidance on that part of the process (although the publishing part isn't a major focus of the series overall).

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What are your other questions?

Drop Greg a line with your questions or inquiries that aren't answered here.

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