Our Events


Child-friendly Contemplative Walk

The child-friendly contemplative walk is all about taking a breath or two to marvel in Creation. We walk, we talk, we walk in silence, we sing -- all outside, all in God's presence.

Mondays at 4pm we meet at the Top of Bellamy Rd to access the Thetis Lake Regional Park trails.


Contemplative Day-Hike

The second Sunday of each month, we connect with the sacred in the forest, on the mountain, at the water--after all, God is in all places already. 

We walk, we talk, we also walk without talking. And we sit. In silence. And we are grounded.

Would you come with us?

Spiritual Practices with Eliana and Greg

Watch alone or as a family, then be sure to turn off your device and go practice.



Each of us loses "balance" from time to time. Spiritual practices, though, help us to regain that equilibrium.
Join host Greg Powell on a walking spiritual practice. Each episode features a new practice.
Whether you're ultra-busy or ultra-spiritual already, come along for the journey.


Video Reflections

Think of these reflections from Rev. Greg as in situ sermonettes. 


Campfire Church

Roast a smokey, tell or hear a story, sign a song -- ground yourself in this deeply human ritual in God's presence.