• Greg Powell

You call that a podcast?

Each of us loses "balance" from time to time. Spiritual practices, though, help us to regain that equilibrium.

I imagine there are people who easily maintain their contemplative practice. I'm not one of them. I presume you're not either. I make that presumption because I don't believe I've met anyone who practices as much as they "should", whatever that means.

So to make things a bit easier, I hope, I've recorded some guided meditations and I'm releasing them as a podcast. One of the reviewers of the pilot episode said it didn't seem much like the other podcasts they listen to, so I don't know how you want to think of it.

I've been calling it the

"spiritual practices guide that goes with you"

If you think it might be helpful, give it a listen. And if you do listen and find it helpful, I'd be so grateful if you would share it with two others who might also find it helpful. (If you don't find it helpful, I'd love to know why...so if you agree to listen, I'm giving you a follow-up task either way. :) )

The way it is supposed to work is in addition to your regular walking routine, you go for another walk, this time with your headphones. You hit play on your device, and plan to walk for 12-30 minutes (I'll keep the recordings under 20 minutes, but I always find I like to walk a bit longer than the practice.)

I'm happy to credit the organizers of the Evolve conference at the Pacific Mountain Region who first invited me to do this. And I should credit my friend Allan who encouraged me to do this too.

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