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What should we... start doing?

As a church plant, our top priority was discerning where to start and how to start. In non-pandemic times, normally churches start with a splashy big gathering. In our case, we've done things different. We've established rhythms that include a Child-friendly Contemplative Walk every week, Campfire Church every month, and a Contemplative Day-hike every month (plus some other digital things). We've also set the intention of establishing a small group community of practice (where we support each other with our spiritual practices).

And there is a multitude of other things a church (or community of practice) can do. We could do more justice and advocacy work, we could do more charity work, we could do more outreach like at farmers' markets and the like. We could host children's camps or sports tournaments. Churches do all kinds of things. Of course timing is important vis-a-vis pandemic restrictions and worries.

Is there anything that you've discerned the Westshore Community of Practice should start doing?

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