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What does your vision of the Westshore Community of Practice include?

If you can imagine the Westshore Community of Practice in, let's say, 5 years, are there particular images to come to mind?

What kind of activities do you envision?

What does our gathering look like?

Who is involved? What is the demographic?

How are you involved?

What are our sources of funding?

How many paid/unpaid leadership positions are occupied?

How are we transforming lives and living the gospel promise of new life?

And a bonus question: how will we know if we have "succeeded"?

You might consider two approaches to answering these questions. The first is to uncover your instinctive response. You likely already hold some kind of belief/assumption about the answer to these questions, so the first step is to uncover that predisposition. The second approach is to answer these questions in the imperative: how should we be? There may well be a difference--it's possible that God might be calling us to a vision that is different than the vision in our gut. Or they may align quite well.

How do you answer these questions?

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