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Seeking grounding and connection

An important expression of a church is finding (or at least seeking) grounding and connection. When I think "grounding" I'm thinking down-to-earth, humble, dust-to-dust kind of stuff. When I think "connection" I'm thinking attunement with God's call--not unlike a radio dial that finds the right frequency. This is the stuff of spirituality.

Some find grounding in times of silence or walking along the seaside or to a mountaintop. Some find it in music; others in activism. Some walk labyrinths to ground themselves and to listen to God's voice. There are no prescriptions here, just practice and good old trial and error. Regardless of the mode, it's probably important for all of us to dedicate some time to spiritual connectedness. Indeed, it might be that we spend a lot of time on this. Here at the Westshore Community of Practice, these spiritual practices undergird all of what we do. We are rooted in contemplation and the practices that allow contemplation.

How about you? How much time do you seek to dedicate to spiritual connection? What unanswered yearnings for spiritual connection exist within you? How vital is it to a church to create opportunities to "go deep" spiritually?

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