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Caring for the church as institution

The "Church" is many things:

  • a gathering of people,

  • a building,

  • an organizational structure,

  • a place of worship,

  • a sacred space,

  • a place of refuge, and more

There's little evidence that Jesus called us to establish any of this aside from a gathering of people. Which isn't to mean it isn't important--indeed, to ensure the sustained gathering of people, it can help to have a place to meet, human resources, accountability, and so on.

Some feel called very strongly to care for the institution itself. They volunteer on boards and committees; they donate money; they read annual reports and attend annual meetings. And because of this dedication, 2000 years after the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, the Christian institution remains very strong in nearly every corner of the world.

How strongly do you feel called to care for the institution itself? Is there a particular aspect of caring for the institution that attracts you? Does this seem like a wise investment of time and money?

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