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Advocating for Justice

It's all well and good to proclaim we should all live a life of abundance (which is about a state of mind/heart, and not about the stuff we own). But when there are circumstances that prevent someone from knowing they are fully loved, or when circumstances prevent someone from fully loving someone else, abundance is impossible. And so Jesus sought to change those circumstances: he advocated for the fair treatment of all people.

And we are to do the same: we are to change the circumstances that prevent abundance. The might be laws, policies, practices, procedures, or even deeply-rooted habits and cultural norms. Some of these, even in the most equitable of places, prohibit a life of abundance for some people. There are policies that prevent thriving. There are cultural practices that deny a person's belovedness. The only proper response to these is to change them. How, exactly, we do that is up for debate, but one who follows the Way of Jesus will attune to that which is unjust and seek to change it.

How strongly do you feel called to the work of justice? How much time, energy, and effort is a suitable amount for you to respond to this call?

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