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Contemplative Day-Hike

The second Sunday of the month (normally), meeting at 9am

Each month, we connect with the sacred in the forest, on the mountain, at the water--after all, God is in all places already. 

We walk, we talk, we also walk without talking. And we sit. In silence. And we are grounded.

Would you come with us?

Contemplative Day-Hike: What's Happening

May 14, 2023

Mothers Day hike at Pkols (Mt. Douglas)

Contemplative Day-Hike: Text

The Route

In keeping with tradition, we take our Mothers Day Contemplative Day-hike to Mt. Douglas / Pkols (possibly with some time at the beach afterward).

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Getting to the Trailhead

We'll meet at 9am in the parking lot, then begin as soon as all confirmed participants are ready.

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What to Bring


  • sturdy footwear

  • appropriate clothing (check the weather forecast and pack accordingly)

  • water (1.5L should do)

  • food (lunch + snacks)

  • sun protection (hat, sunglasses, sunscreen)

  • whistle


  • camera

  • binoculars

  • map + compass

  • jackknife

  • first aid kit (in addition to the one Greg will bring)

  • blister care

  • change of clothing in case of rain (keep it in a dry bag of sorts)

  • lighter + fire starter

  • something to sit on during the quiet sit

Contemplative Day-Hike: List
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