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Welcome to the Westshore Community of Practice

Some say, "the mountains are my church" or "at the water is where I find God." We get it. It's the same for us. We just want to be together on the path to a fairer world where we each find wholeness.
We follow the Way of Jesus, a way of contemplation and action that shares in the good news promise of new life.

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Our Events

Gathering on the land


Child-friendly Contemplative Walk

Mondays at 4:15pm

The child-friendly contemplative walk is all about taking a breath or two to marvel in Creation. We walk, we talk, we walk in silence, we sing -- all outside, all in God's presence.

Mondays at 4:15pm we meet at one of several locations.


Contemplative Day-Hike

The second Sunday of the month, meeting at 9am

Our next hike is planned for June 11, 2023.

The second Sunday of each month, we connect with the sacred in the forest, on the mountain, at the water--after all, God is in all places already. 

We walk, we talk, we also walk without talking. And we sit. In silence. And we are grounded.

Would you come with us?


Campfire Church

June 25

Does it get any better than gathering around a campfire, telling stories and singing songs? There's a reason that the campfire has been the circle of human socialization since our species came into being. Come, join us on the 4th Sunday of the month for a mostly-casual time of eating, giving thanks, and being together.


Sports Night

May 16

Our next sports night is flag rugby at Royal Bay Secondary School. See you there!

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Our Story


We are a church plant initiative of the Pacific Mountain Region of The United Church of Canada.
While traditional expressions of church continue to reflect God's love, we seek to do things a little differently. We focus on spiritual practices. We gather outside. We search for ways to be the church in the community. 
We strive for harmony within a complicated history that long predates settlers arriving on Turtle Island (North America) and with a geography that exudes beauty even while undergoing major change.

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Spiritual Practices with Eliana and Greg

Check out our channel

Eliana and Greg take a light-hearted--but reverential--approach to a variety of spiritual practices, offering tips to make the practices interesting and accessible for (nearly) all ages.


Video Reflections

from Rev. Greg

In this video series, Greg takes to the hills / trees / forest / repair shop and elsewhere to find insights into what's important about leading a faith-filled life.

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